Thursday, August 1, 2013

Throwback Gaming #1

Breath of Fire 3

I know some (or most) of you guys know this game. It's pretty close to me because when I was a kid i'm always playing this game non-stop although i just do grinding and stuff. I wasn't pretty much of a pro back then.. so that's why I was pretty much clueless where to go and what to do (sucks being me. lol). I think I got as far as the desert part before but that's it. I never finished the game but when the PS1 emulator was becoming a trend on my teenage years.. I had finished the game but sadly I cheated (BOOO YOU CHEETAH!). I have plans to play this game in the future and hopefully i'll finish it without using cheats!~

A very quick review of this game (no bias, promise!). The story line of the game was really amazing from the start not like the other games that have no back story that you can appreciate. I didn't like the part where they left off before the time skip. But what the hey~ It's still an amazing game!

"Hey guys! I'll be having this segment (Throwback Gaming) every Thursday wherein you'll tell us about your experience from a game that you played years ago and a very short review of it.

You can message it to us via or FB with your desired name for credit. Although the format should be: Your experience (4-7 sentences) then the short review of the game (2-3 sentences).

Thanks a bunch!"