Thursday, August 1, 2013

[iOS] Solstice Arena - Quick Review

Getting too addicted to MOBA games that everytime you leave your home you're still crave for more hero kills? Well, I completely understand that but fear not! There's a new MOBA in town but this time it's on iOS!

Solstice Arena is Free-to-Play MOBA game made by Zynga for your mobile enjoyment! But they would prefer to call it a Speed MOBA because each match lasts for about 5-15 minutes. There's only one map available (3v3) but you can choose between playing solo matchmaking, with friends or with bots from 3 difficulty modes.

must.. kill.. hero...

The objective of the game is to destroy your enemies' Oracle with 3 towers protecting it. There's no creep waves (YAY! no farmers) but you can earn gold overtime also you can loot some on the ground and also open a chest that spawns often to give you 100 gold for all your teammates.

yay! i'm safe here! @_@

There's no fog of war in the game. So, you'll know where your enemies are; provided with indicators. There are also random power-ups spawning that you can use also to boost your attributes permanently or just temporary. You already have 3 skills available to use from the start and you can also upgrade skills (while on the lobby) for better output. If want to know more on how to play the game, they provided a guided walkthrough for beginners.

time to upgrade~


There are few things I need to highlight about the game..
The Bots. They are incredibly good and well-programmed compared to the MOBAs' AI on the PC platform. They follow your commands in a snap and they really know when to use a skill and support teammates. It's almost as if you're playing with a real player. Great job Zynga!
The Graphics. I was dumbfounded that the game didn't lag because of the level of quality of the 3D models in the game. Even when there's a clash, I didn't feel any jitter or spike. A friend of mine from Zynga told me that the game was optimize for mobile gaming without worrying about troubles of lagging or any related problems. Another thumbs up!
The Pacing. It's actually pretty fast if you look at it overall. It might seem slow at first but once you get the hang of it you'll notice that it's the same pace like the other MOBAs.
Overall, I find Solstice Arena, one of the best games I have on my iPad. It really got me hooked with all the awing clashes. It is a fairish game for MOBA players that are always not on their desktop or laptop. This game actually made me "wow!" and i'm still looking forward for more great improvements that they'll implement on the game.

So with that said, i'm giving it an 8.5/10

You can get the game here:
or in the App Store. Remember, it's FREE! ^_^