Thursday, August 1, 2013

[PC/iOS/Android] Breath of Fire 6 Announced

Capcom has just announced Breath of Fire 6 along with other games. Exciting? Maybe.

Breath of Fire 6 will be a touch-based RPG for PC, iOS, and Android that will be release in 2014. (BOO!!). I bet many fans that waited years will be disappointed about this announcement because they were actually expecting it to be on a gaming console and not on a PC, smartphone or tablet.

The Breath of Fire franchise started 1993 on the Super Nintendo and was last seen on the PlayStation 2 in 2002 with Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

For me, I think this is the one of the saddest news I heard in my gaming life because I was really really eager to play Ryu again but basing on the announcement and photo they released... It maybe never again. (sighhhhhh..) All those years of waiting.. (sobbbbb...)

Other games announced included:

•     Monster Hunter Fronter G for PS3/Wii U
•     Monster Hunter Frontier G for Taiwan
•     Onimusha Soul (Unknown, possibly Vita)
•     Euro Historia (Browser-based)
•     Monster Hunter Mezapolta Reclaimation (Browser-based)
•     Street Fighter Battle Combination (iOS/Android)
•     Monster Hunter Big Hunting Quest (iOS/Android)
•     Street Fighter x All Capcom (iOS/Android)
•     Monhun Everyday Airu Life (iOS)
•     Frontier of Discovery (iOS/Android)
•     Codename: Rio (iOS/Android)