Monday, July 29, 2013

[PC] Prime World - Quick Review

Prime World is a Real-Time Strategy game made by the developers of Heroes of Might & Magic V, Blitzkrieg, and Etherlords.


When you enter the game, they will ask you to pick which side you want to join in. Then you will have a castle and small land where you must gather resources, build structures, expanding your lands and hiring/upgrading heroes (its more like a lobby thing). You can compare to games like AoE but no randoms attacks or controllable units. You can pick your hero and mode to play when you select the Gate. (i was like 'aahhh')

Learning the game is pretty easy due to the implemented tutorials but it's quite loooong because of the cinematic in the game popping out in and out. Yeah, it's a good thing that you have a story within every challenge but please... you let the player move for 2 seconds then BOOM! cinematic.. move.. cinematic.. but I guess it's only in the beginning of the game.

know your place, peasant!


They currently have 6 modes to pick from. And yes, it includes the famous MOBA (DotA) but they added few new mechanics to the game like raising a flag to dominate an area to expand your native land to be able to use some certain skills that you cannot use when you're on the enemy's terrain, also bonuses and be able to teleport to the area. I find the pacing of the game is somewhat between LoL's and DotA 2's which is a bit less newbie friendly than Infinite Crisis.



Few more things that I like about game is the equality of the skills a.k.a. TALENTS that you can learn by using PRIME which is equivalent to gold from other games. Sadly, there are no items that permanently boosts your stats but only consumables that regain health, energy, ward and temporary movement speed plus invisibility. The RTS concept also comes in when you're assigning TALENTS to your hero which fun because you can add, remove and sell talents. There's this advantage where you can upgrade that stats of your own heroes but that I guess it's not a big deal for people who plays in team fights.

The concept of the heroes in game are mostly based on steam punk, medieval and mythical characters from different continents (yay! it's a party!). Also, each hero also has its awesome alternative skin but you can only buy it using gold credits. (BOOO!) 

really love the artworks! :3


In my opinion, Prime World is a unique game but it went a bit over the real point of standing out with the other games. It's actually fun but not addicting but you can try if it fits your taste. But look at it as a whole.. I think it's still the same thing as the other MOBAs around but with this and that and that. I commend the developers for their ideas but I think they need to polish it first. If I were to pick between Prime World and Infinite Crisis.. I would go for Prime World because for its uniqueness and somewhat exciting clashes.

For now, I would rate this game 7.3/10.

Borderlands (the map inspired by DotA)

Prime World is already on Open Beta. you can download the game at

Have fun playing! ^_^