Saturday, July 27, 2013

[PC] Infinite Crisis - Quick Review

Infinite Crisis is an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by Turbine. Currently, the game is on Closed Beta Test (CBT).

Woaaah! Laserzzz! 

The main idea is pretty much the same with the other MOBAs around but specifically you can compare it to League of Legends (LoL) and Smite but using DC main characters. 

Gotham Heights
There's only one map at the moment which is Gotham Heights. It has a main big circular path with 6 Control Points (Dark Circles). There are power ups spawning very often in whole map. Green Circles for health and energy, Yellow Circles for movement speed bonus. You can also pick up cars and throw them on a small area radius. 

The Gotham Heights can likely be compared with LoL's Dominion map

The pacing of the game is really newbie-friendly. You won't find yourself getting dizzy losing your character whenever there's a clash. Your character wont die easily like on the MOBAs because of the damage of the skills from all the characters is fairly balanced. There is no one hit kill so far (which is sad for me). But I find the game pretty fun but still it can't beat or get on the level of the other MOBAs that are reigning. 

If it's your first time to play a MOBA game, it will be easy for you to learn the basics of the game although there's no built-in tutorials or practice area but it's understandable because they're still on beta. We'll just have to wait it out.

YAY! free goldzz and silvurz!
They also implemented a store where you can buy heroes and their costumes. For a new CBT player, they'll give you FREE 3000 IC Gold coins + 9000 Silver Coins when you enter the game. Well, its kind of unfair since it's just CBT and they're still asking you to buy heroes. I don't know but most of the MOBAs that I played provided the whole hero pool for free. I haven't tested out all the heroes because that limitation. Each game gives around 100 Silver Coins whether win or lose. 

nice loading screen! @_@
To sum it all up, Infinite Crisis is a fun game but it lacks excitement when you're playing it. They need to do something to catch up with the other MOBAs and not just be a plain generic copy. 

 I give it a decent 7/10

Thanks for reading my review~ here's a free beta key if you want to try it. just go to and register an account and redeem this key below~ but hurry! someone might get it first. Good Luck!